Xiaomi EV for Malaysians?

Xiaomi EVs could be big. Xiaomi has been known to produce (literally) everything in the consumer electronics space (even pens). But they have proven a very significant thing selling consumer products. You can have cheap quality products. This is why Malaysians love them!

Chery EQ1 – Compact, cheap and not all that ugly.

Xiaomi has had its eyes on the EV space since its announcement last year. If they continue their same ‘philosophy’, it is only a matter of time Xiaomi brings in uniquely designed, affordable and not to mention reliable EVs.

Xiaomi does have other forms of EVs such as the e-scooters they have been selling for a while. With the right hardware, paired with Xiaomi’s software, an EV does not seem to be much of a problem for Xioami in the coming years.

Imagine this!

Xiaomi has revealed that it will commit to investing $10 billion in its new electric car division over 10 years in March 2021 and that it completed the registration of its EV business unit at the end of last August 2021. With the goal to produce 300,000 EVs in a year, Xiaomi does mean business.

What is your take on Xiaomi EVs coming to Malaysia in the future? Will you trust a newcomer or feel comfortable with more mature Chinese companies like Geely (via Proton) or Chery. Or would you want companies like Xpeng to enter Malaysia?

Let us know your thoughts down below.

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