Kapchais (EV) Could it be a Thing?

Kapchai EV, wait what? Kapchais have been around for decades. Many of them use them as a primary mode of transportation, work and even joy. No doubt bikes such as the EX5, Y15 and many more are pretty much a ‘household’ name if you will.

But with how EVs are slowly taking over the world (muahaha), will kapchais soon be electrified?. My guess will be an astounding yes. Kapchais are generally small CC bikes (or motorcycles) made for 1 or 2 people to be used to travel short distances. Sure many Malaysians do take it across the country, but I digress.

Electrification of kapchais can be a problematic process in a few aspects.

1. Loud Exhaust.

its a solution!

The reason many do this is for cars to be alert of their presence. Often to ensure cars do not hit them if they are within the blindspot area. Many also say it helps with alerting drivers that are changing lanes.

This is hard for an EV as there is no engine noise emitted, which can be a problem depending on who you ask. Maybe manufacturers of kapchais should include a fake rumble (like the BMW i8) to simulate an exhaust noise for all kapchais.

2. Fueling Up on an EV

Kapchais have very small tanks that can be filled up as little as RM 5 (ah the EX5 full tank days). This makes it easy and quick for most bikes to fuel up and leave within minutes. WIth EVs fast charging tech still has some room for improvement, hence would most certainly be slower. Though if more places offer motorcycle charging at the parking lots, it would most certainly help many.

3. Design of EVs and Kapchais

The SONDORS may be radical, but definitely cool!

Many EV scooters have odd designs. Malaysians like their sporty kapchais a lot. With the modding scene still very much alive and healthy, electric bikes should emulate or transition gradually from traditional bike designs into EV (Y15 electric? Maybe, just maybe).

4. Affordability of the kapchais

Treeletrik is pretty affordable.

The main reason kapchais exists is it is mostly an entry-level mode of transportation that can be afforded by the masses (have you seen car prices in Malaysia? Go figure). With battery prices going down gradually and China actively making e-bikes and e-scooters, I believe this will be easy to achieve with an electric kapchai.

Conclusion on a Kapchai EV

The NIU is a beautiful e-scooter.

Electric bikes are coming. A quick search on Mudah reveals an electric bike ready for sale (that can be registered). There is also Nio bikes that were launched a while back ( they have been quiet lately). There is also Treeletrik based in Malaysia that manufacturers EVs. For now not many choices are available here. Rest assured more will come, so stay tuned to EV Malaya.

What are your thoughts on kapchais EV? Can it compete with the Y15, R25 and the likes? Let us know down below.


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