EV Charging Stations – Sime Darby mulls over the idea of being an operator.

The Star reported Sime Darby mulling over the possibility of being an EV charging station operator.

DC fast charging would be the way to go.

With the recent push by the government in EV adoption, Sime Darby has also been supportive of the introduction of 4 new models to the market (like the BMW I series, 3 Series Electric and the Volvo VC40 BEV).

Dato Jeffri Salim Davidson (credit)

While it is still in a very early stage, Sime Darby’s CEO, Datuk Jeffri Salim Davidson said that “We are already in the business of supplying charging stations through our subsidiaries. We are hoping to get property developers to install charging stations at their projects.

“In addition, we are looking at becoming a charging stations operator, like the petrol stations, throughout the country.

“We are not quite sure about the economics of that. We are looking to see if it makes sense for us to get involved in that game,” he said.

Sime Darby has invested heavily in boosting the adoption of EVs. From signing an MOU with TNB a while back to assist in EV adoption to investments in platforms such as Carro and SoCar. Only time will tell if Sime Darby will move on being a major player in the charging network space.

What are your thoughts on a network of Sime Darby led charging operators? Let us know down below.


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