Would a Microlino be a safer option for Malaysians?

Ever heard of the Microlino? Maybe no. One thing is for sure it is a very cute microcar made by a company that started the kick scooter. A microcar is essentially a step up from a quadricycle. Some countries, especially in the EU allow drivers as young as 14 to drive microcars (imagine Malaysians!).

Microlino Launch Event

Nevertheless, here are some facts and figures by Microlino. It is a compact car built to mimic the classic Isetta. The car features a single door on the front which opens outwards and an egg-like overall shape. Cute? Definitely.

Microlino claims a range of 200KM which on paper at least, is pretty impressive for a microcar. At 14KW, it is also more powerful than existing vehicles of its class such as the Citroen AMI. 250-litre trunk space is certainly a plus for a microcar. Microlino claims you can fit 3 crates of beer!

Microlino 2.0 comes in 3 variants. An Urban Edition is an entry-level version with a 6kWh battery and a range of 91 KM. It also comes in Amsterdan Orange and Santorini White. Available in Q2 2022. The next variant is the Dolce Edition. It comes in 5 colours (Paris Mint, Milano Red, Zurich Blue and the standard white and orange from Urban Edition) and has a sunroof as standard. The Dolce also allows customers to choose from all 3 battery options. It features chrome, LEDs and other styling bits. Finally, the Competizione Edition comes in 3 matte colours (London Green, Berlin Anthracite and Gotham Black). It also has a sunroof and LEDs as standard. The Competizione Edition also comes with a 10kWh battery as standard.

The Microlino 2.0

Early adopters can opt for the Pioneer series, with 2 colour options (Atlantis Blue and Torino Aluminium) and a 10kWh battery (about 177KM range).

Would it make sense for a Microlino to be used in Malaysia? As of now no. Here’s why. Malaysians still love their mopeds and are generally not accustomed to cars being used for a single purpose (in this case a city microcar). We love to take our city cars onto the highways and drive “like” we stole them. While a push from the government to adopt microcars would see a benefit in terms of safety, many would probably not consider this.

The rear

As for me personally, I would definitely want one. With my travel range being less than 10KM a day, a microcar like this would be a fun and zippy way to commute daily.

What are your thoughts on the Microlino? Would you get one here in Malaysia? Do you think that microcars are a death trap? Let us know down below.

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