Elon Musk Refutes Claims on Scrapping Budget Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk denies Reuters claims that Tesla is scrapping plans to create a low-cost EV in a recent tweet on his very on platform X (formerly Twitter).

Considering the $25000 mark is something the billionaire CEO has promoted, it seemed unlikely Tesla would scrap the plan due to pressure from Chinese EVs.

However, we are still yet to see any updates on the budget Tesla which many refer to as Tesla Model 2.With heavy competition from cheap chinese EVs, it is yet to be seen how will Tesla champion the budget market with their cars. A smaller batter? Cheap plastics? No autopilot? Only time will tell.

In Malaysia, where purchasing power is limited, a budget Tesla could be highly sought after, especially since Tesla cars are sold without heavy taxes and permits. This could potentially create more opportunities for Tesla in the Malaysian market.

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The government’s push for local car manufacturers like Proton and Perodua to launch sub-RM100k EVs by 2025 adds another dimension to the competition. Whether this will impact Tesla’s presence in Malaysia remains uncertain.

What are your thoughts on the Tesla Model 2 coming to our shores? Will this create more Abang Teslas? Will this be the downfall of Bangsa H? Let us know down below!

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